Cortex Pharma Services recognises that the management of Quality is an integral part of its operations. The company views this aspect of management as a primary responsibility and that the key to good business is the adoption of appropriate Quality standards.

The company Quality policy calls for continuous improvement in the company’s Quality management activities and for its business to be conducted according to the following principles:

We will:

  • Comply with all applicable directives, laws, guidelines and regulations related to clinical trial management
  • Follow all related standard operation procedures of client and Cortex as applicable
  • Ensure that any client requests for assistance are dealt with promptly and effectively agreed in accordance with the terms and conditions of signed contracts
  • Seek at all times to ensure that our services meet the highest standards of quality and cost effectiveness
  • Follow a concept of continuous improvement and make best use of our management resources in all Quality matters
  • Take due care to ensure that activities are safe for employees, associates and subcontractors and others who come into contact with our work
  • Work closely with our clients and vendors to establish the highest Quality standards
  • Adopt a forward-looking view on future business decisions which may have an impact on Quality
  • Train our staff in the needs and responsibilities of Quality management

It is also our aim that, with the total involvement and understanding of all staff through the implementation of a documented Quality Management System, we will exceed the expectations of our Clients and staff.

Company Profile

Our activities include key research and development services for Hungarian and international pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, global CROs, universities, hospitals and other health institutions. Our sponsors are guaranteed to work with highly qualified monitors and project managers who are well experienced in clinical trials. The dynamic staff of our company, comprising of physicians, veterinary doctors, pharmacists, biologists, medical biotechnologists, bioengineers and dietitians, organize the conducting of trials with great efficiency.

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